Short and sweet

I was planning a nice piece on stereotypes and my recent experience at a wild west saloon but I feel I should save that for another day and focus on some things that have been whirling around in my head. So I leave you with some food for thought..

The world works in mysterious ways. And some things never make sense. Why bad things happen to good people. Why some things happen at all. And why it takes something bad to happen to realise how much someone really means to you, how you really feel.

But some things you can’t change. As much as we want to. But you can love with all your heart, even if you do get hurt in the end, and you can show someone how you feel before something bad happens. You shouldn’t let it get to that. It may be too late. (that rich coming from me I know) But keep in mind…

Don’t mistake kindness for naivety (or stupidity)

Don’t mistake emotion for weakness

And don’t mistake silence for ignorance or apathy

Have faith in whoever or whatever you believe in. Even if that means just having faith in yourself.

The world sure works in mysterious ways and we are just pieces of the puzzle along for the ride.

– K


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